Why Plant Coloured?

Colour dyes are chemicals.
Brilliant whites require bleach.
Toxic chemicals make toxic fabric.

All our fabrics are dye free + bleach free + chemical free. We simply keep the natural colours already grown in the plant fibres and use different varieties and growing conditions to get our amazing coloured fabrics. Plants grow their colours so we show them off.

This is colour done right

Why Hemp?

Hemp: the fast growing high yielding soil regenerating carbon dioxide absorbing super plant. Grown chemical free with less water on less land.

Our hemp fabric achieves a luxurious softness and texture by currently sourcing the highest quality thin thread fibre from two plant colour varieties grown at our farm in the foothills of Mount Tai in China. This amazing plant is custom woven to create our dye free sandstone and sand colour collection.

This is hemp done right

Why Tencel?

Tencel: fabric made from wood.
Beech from Austria. Spruce from the Czech Republic. Eucalyptus from the Southern Hemisphere. Pesticide free. Irrigation free. Closed loop renewable energy production from certified regenerative forests.

This eco awarded fibre is custom woven for our stylish brand labels and strength tested stitching thread. Finished dye free and bleach free in our natural white colour. They’re better than plastic polyester and nylon and even better than organic cotton.

This is Tencel done right

Why Custom Woven?

The best plant fibres with average weaves make average fabric. The best plant fibres with the ultimate weaves make the ultimate fabric.

The luxurious softness of our hemp and the creation of our Tencel brand labels and stitching thread is the result of this collaboration between farmer and spinning mill. After many samples we are confident we have achieved the ultimate fabrics to showcase our plants.

This is fabric done right

Where are the Fitted Sheets?

Fitted Sheets contain elastic and mattress thicknesses vary so their designed fit is rarely achieved. Flat Sheets folded around a mattress achieve a superior yet flexible fit.

Hospital corners are back!

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