Pillowcase Sand


Fabric: 100% Hemp
Brand label: 100% Tencel
Stitching thread: 100% Tencel
Colour: Sand

The Drifted Pillowcase opens at the centre on a 2.5cm wide internal hem. Keeps the pillow secure and always fully covered without unsightly side openings. Completed with our Tencel stitching thread and Drifted brand label.

Plant Coloured

We keep the natural colours already grown in our plant fibres and let the plants make our amazing coloured fabrics. Dye free. Bleach free. Chemical free.

Hemp Fabric

Our current collection sources high grade thin thread hemp grown in the foothills of Mount Tai in China for our luxuriously soft Sandstone and Sand colour range

No Hidden Details

Tencel stitching thread and brand labels. Coconut shell button Duvet Covers. Elastic free Flat Sheets. The eco details that complete our collection plastic free